Policy Regarding Scheduling and Paying for Someone Else’s Treatment


Appointment scheduling policy

It is our policy to require all patients and prospective patients over the age of 18 to schedule their own appointments.*

This is because successful treatment requires a willingness on the part of the patient to be an engaged participant in a process that may extend over the course of weeks or months. It is not possible for a family member or friend, no matter how well-meaning, to make this commitment on behalf of a patient or prospective patient.

We do not sell gift cards

For this reason we do not sell gift cards intended for prospective patients. Privacy policies prevent us from selling gift cards intended for the use of existing patients.

If you would like to assist an existing patient in our practice in paying for their treatment, the individual being treated will need to fill out and sign a form granting us permission to accept payment from you for their treatment. Please understand that, even if you are paying for treatment, privacy policies prevent us from disclosing information to you about topics such as whether or not your loved one is showing up for their appointments, whether or not they are making progress, how many more treatments will be required, etc.

If you wish to give the gift of improved health to a loved one, we encourage you to consider giving them cash with the encouragement (but not requirement) that they use it for acupuncture and/or herbal medicine.

Policy regarding involvement of family members or friends at appointments

Many patients come to me with very complex medical histories. I understand that it is often difficult for patients to recall all aspects of their medical history and/or to objectively/comprehensively report on their past and current condition. I also understand that it is often helpful to have an “extra set of ears” at appointments. For this reason, patients are welcome to bring a person of their choice along with them to their appointments (space and time do not permit me to accommodate more than one person).

As much as I appreciate and value the input of loved ones, please understand that the goal of developing a trusting and open relationship with my patient is undermined when loved ones contact me outside the presence of the patient to “fill in” details that the patient may not or has not disclosed to me. For that reason I do not accept communication (telephone calls, emails, or texts) from loved ones.

* The only exception to these policies is for minors, mentally or intellectually disabled individuals, and individuals who have designated a health care attorney-in-fact. In these cases, the person(s) legally responsible for making medical decisions will be permitted to schedule appointments, pay for treatment, and communicate privately with me.