Now available so that you can pick up herbs after hours or without making contact with clinic staff

We now have an outside dropbox so that you can pick up herbs, supplements, and other apothecary products after hours and/or without making physical contact with the clinic staff. 

  • If you need to make a dropbox pick up, please call us during regular office hours to let us know what you need and to provide us with credit card information. 
  • The dropbox may contain packages for more than one patient. Please double check and make sure that you only take the package that has your name on it.
  • Please be sure to latch the dropbox closed so that the interior remains protected from rain and other elements. 
  • Having practiced in this community for approaching twenty years, we are happy to report that we have, without fail, found our patient population to be extremely honest and more than capable of handling an on-your-honor arrangement such as this dropbox without any issues. Please note, however, that use of the dropbox is at your own risk and we cannot assume responsibility for products once they are placed in the box
  • We would suggest that you retrieve items from the dropbox promptly. If you are concerned about the potential for things that you have paid for to be taken from the dropbox by someone other than you, please make arrangements for us to ship you what you need to your home instead. We are also in the process of partnering with a service that can, for a small fee, make a delivery to your home. 
Outside Dropbox