As a recipient of Kristen’s care for about a year now I can honestly say I am not sure where I would be without her care. I was a 21 year old, busy college student hit hard by a viral infection that left extremely troubling chronic issues behind. (Fatigue, brain fog, vertigo, poor digestion, low immunity, joint pain, anxiety, you name it). While many doctors were left puzzled and gave contradictory reports and prognoses, I came to Kristen as a ‘last resort’ option desperate for any kind of relief. She assured me that I had come to the right place and was able to break down each problem I was having and address them in a way I was able to easily understand while formulating a thoughtful plan of attack to get me back to normal. I am very thankful to say that one year down the road I am feeling so much better, living and eating more mindfully, and feeling confident that I will continue on in my healing. Kristen’s expertise and professionalism are outstanding but her compassion is next level. She works hard and it shows. I have too many great things to say about her, Lee and her practice. If you are struggling– pay her a visit! My life has been forever marked by the care I have received here. So so grateful!

H.J., Waco TX

I can’t begin to say how impressed I am with Kristen!! I have suffered from extreme seasonal allergies for years.. I stumbled upon acupuncture through my hours and hours of research on allergies. I then found Kristen and since my very first appointment [SAAT treatment], my allergies were way way way better! Pretty much non existent! I’m still in shock.. I am so thankful to have found this awesome lady.. I have now had her help me with several other issues and yet again, She fixed me right up! 🙏🙌 She will be my go to for everything possible from here on out!

B.P., Eddy TX

For most of his life my six and a half year old son has required countless rounds of steroids and antibiotics, very potent daily and rescue inhalers, a nebulizer and countless doctor visits.  He has had severe ear and sinus infections.  Bronchitis and pneumonia have been a constant struggle.  Something as simple as a spring rain could send him into weeks of illness.  His immune system was slowly getting a little better with age, but he would still get sick so easily.   Summer of 2016, we had a pulmonary test done at his allergy doctor.  His lung function at that time was 75%.  At the end of November 2016, he had his first round of bronchitis for the season.  Between that time and the beginning of February 2017, he had bronchitis five times!  We desperately needed a solution to get our boy off of all of those harsh medications.  Kristen put together a game plan and we jumped in full force.  He takes daily drops and an herbal supplement.  Within a week of starting acupuncture, he got bronchitis again.  THAT WAS THE LAST TIME!!!  We have had times that we had to do extra breathing treatments and Kristen performed some special treatments when we knew he was trying to get sick and he has responded beautifully to it all!  Over the summer, we went for his annual allergy doctor visit.  They were shocked to find that his lung function is now up to 96%!!!  I accredit this huge jump to the months we have spent pushing through the road blocks and sticking with acupuncture!  His daily routine looks very different right now.  The allergy doctor took him off his harsh (but at one time necessary) inhaler that he was doing twice a day and replaced it with one that is much safer and doesn’t contain a steroid and we are only doing it once a day unless he needs an extra dose.  He is only using his nebulizer every other night instead of daily.  We do saline nose irrigation several times a week.  He has continued on the Zyrtek and Singulair that he has been on for years.  While we have to be careful to not take any of this for granted, we made it through Spring in Texas without any major problems!  He had one ear infection that required an antibiotic at the beginning of summer and that was it!  We feel so incredibly blessed to have Kristen Warren on our side and she has had solutions for every problem that has come up!  She focuses on personal and individual needs.  She never rushes and she truly cares for her patients.  The doctor visits and medication costs have been replaced with a healthy lifestyle solution.  Kristen’s care is an answer to prayer, we are so thankful for her!

M.K., Lorena TX

I came to Live Oak Acupuncture six months after my diagnosis with a very advanced stage of premature ovarian failure –one of the hardest diseases in the world to treat or have hope for. Kristen had both hope and was willing to treat me. Yet, she wisely cautioned me about the severity of my condition. Now Kristen is my primary doctor. She is more knowledgeable, has better critical thinking skills, and more concern than any doctor I have met. The 2 book resources that have been critical to my healing process emotionally and physically came directly from Kristen’s hands. Kristen is not a quack practicing hocus pocus. I am a biochemistry PhD candidate, and I feel comfortable with Kristen. She has a scientific, research-oriented mind, yet realizes where western medicine falls short or lacks knowledge. I can’t say enough good things about her. The clinic treats me like family. Their love can be felt. My POF condition has made a lot of progress and if anyone can help me get well it is Kristen. She is a gift from God to me and many others.

E.B., College Station TX

Kristen is a highly competent practitioner, and I value her care tremendously. She is an extraordinary listener, so when you present with a problem, she probes until she is certain she knows precisely the nature of the complaint. She is an extraordinary educator, because she explains what the treatment will be, and how it will work. Finally, she is warm and trustworthy. I cannot sing her praises loudly enough!

S.G., Mt. Calm TX

Best kept secret in Waco! I have fairly severe psoriatic arthritis and have had a hip replacement due to this disease. After years of long-term steroids (injections and pill form) I developed a couple of spontaneous compression fractures in my thoracic spine. I’ve failed most of the conventional treatment options offered by my rheumatologist.  Kristen has really helped me with pain management, inflammation and (the most annoying) fatigue! I see her every two weeks and am now hooked on acupuncture and the supplements and ointments she had recommended. Kristen is very knowledgeable in her field and readily shares resources as she comes across them. She takes the time to listen and she looks at you and treats you as a whole body. She’s been a great addition to my repertoire of health care providers!

L.M., Hewitt TX

I have several herniated discs. The neurologist did not recommend any kind of surgery, but rather told me to limit sitting as much as possible, even to the point of standing to do my work on the computer, as I am an online professor. Four months ago, I went on a tour in Europe which involved sitting in a vehicle about six hours a day. By the time I returned home, the back pain was horrendous. I simply did not want to depend on pain medication and did research on alternative therapies. There is considerable research supporting acupuncture for the lower back, so I decided to give it a try. Kristen Horner Warren at Live Oak Acupuncture in Hewitt, Texas was highly recommended by a friend, so I started treatment with her. Within just a couple of sessions, I experienced definite relief. I could walk in an erect position, rather than stooped over. I could not believe the difference and today, my back pain has virtually disappeared. Kristen is highly professional and very caring. The sessions are conducted in a relaxed environment which I have appreciated. I can highly recommend Live Oak Acupuncture to anyone who suffers from lower back pain.

A.M., Waco TX

As someone who has had to learn how to live with a chronic illness, Kristen has been an invaluable resource for me. After exhausting all traditional “western” medicine had to offer, I rolled into Live Oak Acupuncture in my wheelchair extremely skeptical she could do anything to help. I’m so glad I was wrong! Kristen was quick to point out that in her experience, people with chronic illness often benefit from the holistic approach of eastern medicine and that a lot of her patients fall into the “last resort” category. That has certainly been the case for me. I’ve come to realize chronic illness requires chronic treatment. It is not a one-and-done deal. Slow and steady is my motto, and with Kristen’s help I’ve been able to retire my wheelchair and reclaim a part of my life I was worried was lost forever. If you are on the fence, all I can say is, “What do you have to lose?” Kristen is kind, respectful, knowledgable, and compassionate. You can only benefit from having someone like her in your corner.

K.R., Waco TX

There is simply not enough positive expression to rate the positive impact that Kristen and Live Oak Acupuncture & Wellness have had on my life. I began to see her in 2006 and she was instrumental in getting to the bottom of some critical health issues. I found direct relief, both physically and emotionally. Kristen was patient, proactive and highly informed. Since then, I have moved out of state and seen various acupuncturists. It has been a challenge to find a practitioner with the skill, the knowledge, the bedside manner, and the precision that Kristen has. She treats her patients with truth and grace. During this time, Kristen has been instrumental in my health and wellness regardless of the distance. She has been able to promptly assess my health and mail me herbs on numerous occasions, to my benefit, every time. While going through an extremely stressful situation, Kristen was able to untangle the direct and indirect challenges I was facing and was instrumental to me as a life coach. Without her, my steps would have been far less structured and less firm. She has been invaluable in my life. I highly recommend Live Oak Acupuncture for both physical and emotional health, as well as overall life coaching.

R.G., Tampa FL

Excellent Clinic and Doctor.

I have sent several patients to Dr. Warren and these are some of the email responses the patients have sent me. Since my clinic is in the DFW area, I was very pleased to find a wonderful practitioner that I can refer and trust. Her solid foundation of Eastern AND Western Medicine is important to me and most patients. Her bedside manner and compassion is second to none.

“Kristen is an absolute godsend in my life.  I found her 3 years ago when I was having crippling neck pain, muscle spasms, and could barely turn my head.  I’d seen a chiropractor and massage therapist about this issue many times, had been prescribed pain killers and muscle relaxers and never felt any better.  I decided to take a chance on acupuncture, and the result after one session was immediate relief.  I began coming regularly to stay on top of it, but also because I just really like her and the calming environment she has created. I was skeptical at first and now its something I can’t image living without.”

“Words can’t even express how grateful I am to Dr. Warren. When I found this place, I was at rock bottom. after a couple months I have never been happier and healthier , spiritually . Physically and emotionally . As a disabled combat veteran I’m happy to use their facility’s and to get medical care. Nothing really worked for me until I discovered this place. I would highly recommend Live Oak Acupuncture because I can genuinely say my life has been saved and I have a new take on life!”

C.C., Dallas TX

Here my ” miracle ” story… I suffered from Gastroparesis for about two years. Also, essential temors. So my stomach was paralyzed. I had uncontrollable shaking constantly. As for most people with conditions that are not curable. Its a tough life!!! No remission, no let up at all for these people who fight everyday to survive just another day. NO ONE understands better then someone who has experienced your type of condition. I thank the Good Lord above for the sincere people who is making this journey better!!! God Bless everyone!!! Now…. For good news!!! I started treated at Live Oak Acupuncture and Wellness center. After just six weeks Kristen Horner Warren had my digestion up and running again. As for my tremors, they subsided along with Gastroparesis. I writing this for anyone suffering from illnesses. PLEASE don’t give up hope!!! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be able eat again. Believe in Chinese medicine… It worked for me and it just might work for you!!! God Bless!!! Oh and I must add that … If you want to have a few wrinkles disappear. Kristen can take care of that as well. Yes, no more Botox for me! You are the cure all Kristen. You have an absolutely beautiful soul!!! Very grateful to you!!!

J.S., McGregor TX

As a healthcare provider with experience in pain management, I was quite discouraged when I experienced pain in my foot that I could not recover from through traditional means. I tried every possible recommendation and after four months and considerable expense, I decided to try acupuncture. I had read multiple studies explaining the benefits and had even referred patients, but I still was not sure what to expect. I was initially impressed with Kristen’s education and expertise. I also found her to be professional and compassionate. After one month of treatment, not only am I now walking pain free, my chronic allergic rhinitis has completely resolved. I have also experienced additional beneficial effects including decreased stress and increased energy.

E.R., Nurse Practitioner, Waco TX

I injured my neck last summer and was used to dealing with chronic pain from my injury. I would push through the pain during the day and take a few Advil before bed, when the pain bothered me the most. I started seeing a chiropractor for it as well, seeing him bi-weekly with little to no relief. Then I saw Kristen post something online about using gua sha massage for a crick in her neck! What could it hurt to try?? The technique itself was not painful at all. I could describe some parts of it as intense, but not painful. I told myself beforehand that if the gua sha even reduced my pain by 25% I would consider it a success. I am almost 2 months out from treatment and most days my neck does not even bother me at all!! It is so nice to be able to fall into bed at night and get comfortable on my pillow again. I highly recommend gua sha massage!

M.W., Hewitt TX

My husband and I have been going to Live Oak Acupuncture every week for about 3 months now and we are feeling the positive and miraculous effects from the acupuncture treatments. My husband was suffering from a tight IT band in his hip and couldn’t sleep at night, couldn’t sit for any period of time nor could he get comfortable. He was in constant pain for about 6 months. We decided to try acupuncture with Kristen and the first treatment was miraculous. After the first treatment, my husband could sleep through the night and the pain had decreased immensely and from that, the healing process got a jump start. I decided to try the acupuncture myself and found it helps me with my balance, stress and immunity system and I’m sleeping much better at night. I highly recommend Kristen. She is very knowledgeable and understands the needs of her patients.

P.Z., Woodway TX

My mother suffers from frontal lobe dementia, after two treatments and taking the supplements Kristen has recommended, my mother is doing amazingly better! Before seeing Kristen, she was weak not standing or walking, she did not move her hands, very stiff and unsocial… this has all changed!!! My mother has stood and walked by herself, it was shaky but she did it! she has reached for her drink cup, she has not done this in over a year. Very social now even with our dog! She is now able to help with get in and out the car… her strength is better and her mood has improved. I was told by her general Dr she would never improve… I was so happy to take her to her last check up :0)My grandson was also having reoccurring ear infections for over a year, he was put on many different antibiotics that did not help. After seeing Kristen he has not had an ear infection in over six months!!! What a blessing Kristen has been to my family! Thank you!

T.T., Lakeland FL

I’ve had allergy problems my whole life. Multiple sinus infections every year, I was constantly tired from all the antihistamines (even those that said non-drowsy). I took allergy shots from about junior high till I moved to Oklahoma, where I was blessedly allergy free. But when I moved back to central Texas it all started again. I had hit my breaking point and was looking at going back to allergy shots, which I hated because I always had a reaction to them. I saw a news clip about someone getting acupuncture for their allergies and thought “Why not? Either way I’m getting stuck with needles!” I loved it!! Immediately I saw results, I was not longer walking around in a hoodie in the middle of summer because I was constantly freezing! I now have maybe one sinus infection every couple of years, I had one a couple of months ago. Probably because I have not been able to get over for a session in a year because of work. Yep a year without and still I’m allergy free, or as close as someone in central Texas could be! Don’t let the thought of the needles scare you, they only sting a little and honestly I have the best rest ever laying there with needles in me. You feel so rejuvenated after a session. Kristen has also treated my neck and worked wonders for it as well. Kristen is amazing!! Very professional and extremely knowledgeable in her field. I highly recommend Live Oak Acupuncture, you will not regret your decision!

L.E., Teague TX

Kristen was a God send. I suffered with TMJ problems for years and after I had a really bad episode with it and had exhausted all medical and dental treatment, I decided to give her a try. She has helped me tremendously and I no longer depend on anti-inflammatory medicine for relief . I have just begun using the essential oils and I love them. Bonus is she is an awesome person and really cares about your well being . Take my word for it , you won’t be disappointed.

J.S., Crawford TX

Kristen is amazing! She helped me when I couldn’t find answers. My quality of life soared once I began treatment with her! Chronic pain, digestive issues, and many other problems were solved in her office. I even took my daughter to her for her allergies! I love that Kristen treats the whole person, and really cares for her patients. I’ve never been kept waiting, and never felt rushed. Thank you for all you do!

D.G., Waco TX

Our expectations have been far exceeded by Kristen! I had know idea that she would be so comprehensive in her work with my family. Not only do the acupuncture treatments seem to be very effective, but we are walking away from knowledge, insight and whole-health education that is having a very positive effect on our entire family!

L.M., Robinson TX

A year ago I injured my shoulder so that I could not raise my right arm at the shoulder without pain.  I saw my internist who is our gatekeeper to specialist health and he referred me to an orthopedic specialist. The specialist examined me and pretty much diagnosed a condition where a tendon was either tearing or detaching from the bone.  This was causing pain each time I lifted my arm above a certain height. He confirmed the diagnosis by MRI and we discussed options. He was honest and remarked that while most people opt eventually for surgery as they get tired of the pain on movement of the arm he also had to point out that the scar tissue inevitable even with the most careful surgery would probably still cause some pain. We decided that we would wait and see what happened.  My wife who had been pleased with acupuncture treatment by Kristen Horner suggested that I try acupuncture to see if it could give me some ease. I took two treatments and the pain was about the same but while seeing Kristen I also discussed a chronic problem with migraine especially under stress which I had been taking medication for and was troubled by. Kristen recommended a simple nasal irrigation treatment which I now practice daily: I no longer need the medication and am migraine free. Amazingly some months ago I noticed by chance that I have no pain on moving my right arm even in the extended way which formerly caused pain. I am grateful for the simple and holistic care Kristen gave me. I am impressed with her professionalism and would not hesitate to consult her again. She is a great adjunct to medicine in this area.

W.B., Golinda TX

Over the years I have seen Kristen for various ailments, and have always been impressed with the results. I have started seeing her most recently for stress management and to help alleviate some of the physical manifestations of stress in my body, and I am so glad I did. I trust Kristen’s expertise not only because I have always had great results, but also because I know she is highly qualified and well-educated in both Eastern AND Western approaches to medicine, science, and the human body. Because of her expertise, as well as her compassionate bed-side manner and the calming, serene beauty of her practice, I could not more highly recommend Kristen Horner Warren or Live Oak Acupuncture.

K.T., Waco TX

I have dealt (poorly) with seasonal allergies for years. Since living in central TX for the last 3 years my allergies have become ALL THE TIME allergies. Headaches, sinus pressure, sneezing, watery eyes…..basically everything that comes with it. Once a year I would get sinus infections, and horrible sore throats. Not this year!! I started seeing Kristen for my allergies along with infertility issues. As a result, after just a short 3 months of acupuncture and Chinese medicine I hardly have any allergy problems, and I’m on the road to reaching my goals with infertility. Kristen is amazing, she is highly educated in her profession. With that being said, she is still extremely easy to talk to. I know first hand that she genuinely cares for her patents. The time and effort she spends with you goes above and beyond. I’m so thankful I have found a natural and very effective way to treat my health issues. I haven’t felt this good in years!!

B.Y., Lorena TX

I came to Kristen as a last resort with allergies as well as problems with balance and not able to walk with out pain. What she was able to accomplish was for me huge. I had not been able to take my dogs out to even throw a ball. I was able to share a picture with her on one of my dogs with a huge smile, ball in her mouth and a big THANK YOU to Kristen.

S.W., Waco TX

I am a 68 year old university lecturer who was first referred to Kristen Horner for ear and facial pain by my family doctor. At my first visit, I was greatly impressed by the fact that Kristen spent about an hour discussing my medical history and existing overall health situation. In addition to the facial pain that I was experiencing, my family doctor had earlier diagnosed some fairly severe intestinal pain and discomfort as symptoms of a very low-functioning gallbladder. At the time, he had recommended that I give serious consideration to having my gallbladder removed. After the consultation with Ms. Horner, she began acupuncture treatments which included treating the intestinal problems and also, suggested that I consult with my cardiologist about the possibility of changing my cholesterol medication, which ultimately did occur. Since that time, my gallbladder has returned to near normal function and I have had very occasional and mild intestinal discomfort. She has also successfully helped me in coping with life-long allergy and bronchitis problems. The thing that has impressed me the most is the comprehensive approach and treatment that she has taken to alleviating my health problems at each office visit. In addition, she is not reluctant in referring me to other health professionals when she thinks that it is necessary. She is a highly skilled and professional person who has greatly enhanced the way that I view handling health issues.

E.S., Gatesville TX

“In 2009 I spent 6 months seeing multiple M.D.s to diagnose what appeared to be Lupus or symptoms resembling those of Fibromyalgia, but none of these doctors could diagnose what I had. One even told me, “I don’t know what you have but when it does turn into Lupus I have a great drug for you.” Each office visited simply ended with, “Come back in 6 months.”  In addition to my myriad physical symptoms, the feeling of despair and having no one who could care for ALL of my issues was crushing. I would try different health regimes (strict diet, particular exercises, supplements) but none were sustainable in a busy life.  I was completely overwhelmed with the task of having to care for my own health.  I have now been seeing Kristen for a year and I feel so much better. Almost immediately I felt the difference of being in the care of someone who was concerned with not just one system or symptom, but my entire self. With patience and adherence to the simple instructions from Kristen, I have been relieved of nearly all my pain and feel more “whole” than I have ever felt.  Kristen is truly a gifted healer and gives of herself to her patients like no other health care practitioner I have met or even heard of.  I am so thankful to her and to Traditional Chinese Medicine for helping me live a normal and healthy life.  Now, not only am I feeling worlds better, but I am enjoying a healthy pregnancy under Kristen’s care.

A.F., Waco TX

I did a lot of research beforehand and I am so happy that I decided to call Kristen!  I have had problems with fibromyalgia which was also causing my anxiety and depression, IBS and PMS with severe cramping.  I have tried medications (all had uncomfortable side effects to say the least), chiropractors and was even contemplating surgery.  Within a month I had complete relief from my PMS and my IBS.  I have been going to see Kristen now for 3 ½ months, and my fibromyalgia pain is no longer bothering me.  My anxiety and depression are much better as well.  I can finally sleep better at night and I have a lot more energy during my day, which is very important so I can keep up with my toddler.  Something that I was not intending to fix with acupuncture, my bunion on my left foot has completely gone away as well!  I am so glad I did not spend the money on a podiatrist before going to see Kristen.  I also take herbal supplements that have made a tremendous difference overall.  Even my 2 year old daughter takes the herbal allergy medicine which has no side effects like her regular prescription drug does.

D.E., Waco TX

In 1997 I was diagnosed as having two degenerative discs in my back.  For more than 12 years, I aggressively pursued the finest traditional medical treatments that I could find throughout Central Texas and even nationally to alleviate the pain associated with my diagnosis.  I have been treated by physicians that were, general practice, bone and joint specialists, physical therapists and pain clinic physicians (that introduced painful cortisone shots directly into the two degenerative discs in my back).  I have gone to chiropractors and even special counseling to seeking help with my pain however possible. Just a few months ago, I was referred by a co-worker to a professional acupuncturist, Kristen Horner.  Even though I was a bit skeptical about acupuncture and deathly afraid of needles, I made my first appointment and to my surprise and delight, I received immediate relief from my chronic pain.  Now, with treatments only twice a month, I am playing golf again almost pain free and am enjoying a wonderfully new ‘quality of life’.  I thank God and Kristen for answering my persistent prayers.

G.J., Waco TX

Is it ok if I brag just a wee bit? I just took my Blood glucose, it was 109! (remember, I’m down from 400 as my average back in March.) ANNNNNDDDDD!!! I’m back in a size small top!!! Big Happy Dance!!!! Thanks to acupuncture, the nutritional supplements you recommended, a healthy diet, and walking 1.5 miles a day! Before I couldn’t exercise at all because of pain, but now I can! Thank you Kristen Horner Warren for your great care!!

B.B., Frost TX

Just wanted to let you know that I have definitely noticed a difference in my response to stress this week. With the summer regimen of acupuncture, essential oils, and Lifelong Vitality pack, feelings of being overwhelmed have been replaced with a calm, steady approach. Yesterday, I was involved in an intense discussion about a challenge my team has had much difficulty resolving with mutual agreement. Former feelings of tension and frustration were replaced with a positive, calm, results-oriented attitude. I attribute this to my daily regimen of Balance, Wild Orange in my water, and Lifelong Vitality supplements. I sincerely appreciate the countless hours you have invested in researching all of the wellness practices you use and share with others, especially the new addition of essential oils. I am truly blessed, physically, spiritually, and emotionally, by your presence in my life.

M.C., China Spring TX

I can attest to acupuncture helping with fertility and pretty much everything else! For 6 years I have been treated by countless doctors, too many fertility specialists to count….and none of them…NOT ONE…. has helped to get my body to do what it’s supposed to do. After one month of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine the improvements are monumental. It’s helping my body do things the natural way. Not forcing it with lab created hormones. Acupuncture is not only treating my ‘woman problems’ but is helping with numerous other everyday ailments. Stress, aches and pain, and a big one….allergies! It also helps that my acupuncturist is amazingly wonderful at what she does.

B.Y., Lorena TX

Kristen is amazing! I have never met a more caring and gentle healthcare professional.

K.P., Teague TX

My allergies absolutely were alleviated by Kristen’s acupuncture and as an added bonus, I made a new friend. Kristen’s a great person and great listener. I’d definitely recommend her to anyone and have!

M.N., Waco TX

I am so grateful for all the times you have been there for me, it means more than you’ll ever know. May God continue to bless you and your amazing gift of healing.

A.C., Temple TX

Thank you so much for all your kindness and care during my time in Waco. I truly don’t know what I would have done without you. Thank you for always answering my many questions and for always being there in my many times of need.

R.L., Waco TX

I don’t even know where to start…you have helped me get my life back — ‘thank you’ is just so inadequate! I remember the first time I came to see you and how sick and hopeless I felt. You were my last stop before utter despair. I’d tried everything else and I was beginning to accept that my life was not going to get much better. Thank goodness I was wrong! Because of you I started thinking I might be able to go back to school and with your help I was able to finish college! And while I am so thankful for your acupuncture skills, I am so grateful that you’ve become a friend. For the longest time you were the only person outside of my family who I got to see on a regular basis. I really appreciate you taking the time to chat with me and get to know me. I feel so blessed to have you in my life!

K.R., Waco TX

I am amazed at the progress I have made since I started going to Kristen. I had suffered from prostatitis/pelvic pain for over two years. I had been to my primary physician and to two urologists with no relief from the every day pain. Antibiotics were tried that had terrible side effects. So they told me that I would have to learn to live with the pain. I then started once a week treatment with Kristen. After one month I was seeing amazing progress. She takes the time to listen and devise an individual treatment plan for you. She listens, listens, and listens some more. She cares, cares, and cares some more. Acupuncture is not take this pill and come back if not better. It does take time. But if you will stay with it you will see that definite progress if not a complete and total cure to your problem is waiting for you.

L.R., Mexia TX

Dr. Kristen Warren has helped me in so many ways. She has helped to relieve my lower back pain along with knee pain that I have had for several years. She has also been able to help me with digestive problems, tension headaches, stress, and sleeping difficulties. I no longer have to take any medical prescriptions ….I simply take a couple of different herbs a day and am able to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle with just a monthly acupuncture visit. I feel better than I ever have….even better than I felt 10 years ago! I would highly recommend Dr. Kristen Warren and acupunture. It has been a lifechanging event for me!

K.P., Hewitt TX

Thanks for my treatment yesterday. I was feeling achy and run down and now I feel so much better. I also managed to bypass the cold that EVERYONE else in the family got. And I’m the one who usually gets all the colds!! Thanks!

A.F., Waco TX

I feel so much better after my acupuncture treatment today! I could just feel the stress and aches melt away. I’m already looking forward to my next one. Thank You!

D.E., Waco TX

It is a blessed relief to now have a grasp on what is going on with me and this challenge that has been going on for a month. Thank you ♥ Thank you ♥ Thank you ♥ Kristen Horner Warren at Live Oak Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine. You are an amazing Teacher/Healer/Friend!!!

S.L., Waco TX

When I started acupuncture I could barely walk or sit-up without back pain. Now I’m able run, lift, sit, and all that good stuff without back pain, and I thank you big time.

S.H., Mount Calm TX

Dr. Horner: I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the acupuncture treatment plan you have developed specifically for my needs. After three years of very aggressive but unsuccessful [acupuncture] treatment in Dallas I have found that your minimalistic approach to acupuncture has been perfect for my sensitive system. I feel stronger and my allergy symptoms have shown dramatic improvement. You were right in your evaluation that in my case less was better. I have more energy and my immune system seems better than ever. For the first time in five years I have made it through the holiday season with very few allergy symptoms and I have felt great under the usual stress of the season. Thanks again for the time you have spent working to tailor your treatment to my specific needs.

J.D., China Spring TX

Kristen, you are truly a beautiful person with such a caring soul.

D.B., Cameron TX

My knees had become very stiff. They did not bend well, and they did not straighten out well. I moved awkwardly and slowly. After acupuncture treatments, I experienced significant improvement. It feels like my knees have been oiled. They move much better than before. The chage is marvelous.

S.B., Waco TX

All my life I have had pain from skeletal and joint problems – with osteoporosis, scoliosis, a slipped disc, and fibromyalgia.  I had great help from yoga, chiropractic, massage, and a rheumatologist, but still endured almost constant pain.  Finally, I added acupuncture with Kristen Horner and was amazed at the relief I received from the painless sessions.  I have been impressed with Kristen’s professional and empathic approach and by her knowledge and expertise.  I have much less joint and muscle pain now and have been able to arrive at a maintenance level schedule.  Although I still have some pain, I am much more comfortable that I ever have been before.  When I first came to Kristen, I had lost hope of ever being pain free.  She has restored that hope.  I am truly grateful and I heartily recommend her.

P.H., Waco TX

I believe that acupuncture has helped me with my sciatica, back pain, mental stress, and ability to walk.  I think it improved my problems better than medications or chiropractors have.  Kristen’s herbal medicine has helped my bladder problems and chronic yeast infections.

M.S., Marlin TX

Following a severe episode with my lower back and a diagnosis of the possible need for surgery, my neurosurgeon suggested that I try acupuncture with Kristen Horner.  I had already had the standard treatment:  6 weeks of physical therapy as well as a shot in my lower back.  These helped, but I was far from being on the road to recovery!  I decided to try acupuncture in hopes of avoiding surgery.  It worked!  At my first visit, Kristen explained the purpose of acupuncture and the methods used.  I found the procedure to not only be painless, but calming.  I felt a difference in my pain level and mobility after only one visit.  Within five visits I felt like a new person!  I am now able to strengthen my back through walking and exercises which complement the healing process found through acupuncture.  I believe I am on the road to recovery due to this experience and recommend acupuncture to anyone with lower back pain.

K.M., Waco TX

In the spring of 2006 I had severe back problems, this had been going on for many years.  I had been through four spine surgeries, physical therapy, chiropractors, neurologists, and neurosurgeons but with little relief.  I was referred to Kristen by a friend and fortunately she started treating me with acupuncture.  It has been a difficult problem but I have had more relief from acupuncture than anything I’ve tried.  Kristen has been so supportive through many emotional problems as well; she is very knowledgeable about the human body and mind.  I look forward to each visit no only for the treatment but the kindness and encouragement.

E.P., Hewitt TX

For the past eight years I have struggled with significant hormone imbalances that manifested themselves most visibly as facial acne. I tried visiting dermatologists, nutritionists, and our family doctor, and threw myself into various medicinal regimens. Prescription medicines, microdermabrasion, supplements, diets, special skin care products – none of these things produced lasting results. I began acupuncture treatments last spring and within three months I saw dramatic improvement in my skin. I stopped all of my other regimens and simply went to my appointments and took the herbs that Kristen prescribed. I overcame my fear of needles on the first day when I realized that they caused much less discomfort than being pricked by a sticker burr during my walks in the country. I have found that my constant anxiety about my skin has disappeared along with the stress that it had created in other areas of my life. I’m extremely grateful for Chinese medicine and for the opportunity to allow my body to heal itself in natural ways. Thanks, Kristen!

E.R., Waco TX

We have seen an AMAZING recovery of our daughter’s eczema!  I mean her skin is very close to completely normal.  The texture and everything has changed!  So exciting!  Last week, we were raving about the change.  Then she drank some [pasteurized] dairy chocolate milk and the next day she was flared up again.  We completely cut the dairy back out (she still has some cheese here and there in casseroles) and her skin has almost completely recovered again!  I have not seen her scratching for several days!  I just wanted to let you know that the whole family is very enthusiastic and owing much of this change to you and your therapies!

J.U., mother of 4 year old T.U., Waco TX

I am a 44 year old female scoliosis patient, and am 25 years post Harrington rod/fusion surgery.  Above and below the rod and fusion is a deformed/deteriorating mess.  Pain has always been constant and has been managed with various medications and physical therapy.  I really wanted to reduce the medications that I’ve been on for years.  I read about acupuncture in Arthritis Today and a RN friend of mine highly recommended Kristen to me.  Immediately after starting acupuncture I felt a reduction in pain.  After a month of treatment I have a ton of energy and I am taking almost no pain medication.  I never dreamed I could feel this good.  Occasionally I have an ache, but not the constant pain I was accustomed to.  Thank you Kristen for giving me the energy, strength, and wellness that I’ve been searching for for years. You are my angel. Thank you for making my life so pain free.

K.H., Waco TX

18 months ago I suffered an attack of sciatica which was severe enough that walking was excruciatingly painful, sitting was hard to do for long without pain and even lying in bed was painful. Chiropractic care which had helped me before after 15 treatments and I had been pain free for 5 years afterwards frighteningly seemed to make matters worse this time and I was afraid to try it again. Somewhat in despair I contacted Kristen Horner who got me in to see her quickly and carefully listened to my story and gently gave me my first acupuncture treatment. While I still had pain when I left I felt more hopeful and relaxed and did not feel afraid of going back. Kristen encouraged me to try Chinese herbal medicine: I confessed to her later that I took it to be polite but to my astonishment 24 hours later I still had pain but miraculously and for the first time in days felt like myself again and knew I could get well. It got better from there on: I went to see her about 6 or 7 more times for acupuncture treatments and continued taking the medication. Very soon I was pain free and enjoying walking again and feeling not only recovered from sciatica but also noticing more energy and happiness in general. Since then during this year when sciatic threatened again, briefly, I went to see Kristen again and was delighted to have instant relief and it is encouraging to know that this treatment heals me from a condition I am prone to as I get older (77 next January) due probably to scoliosis which I have had from birth. In addition Kristen has been able to work with me in an integrative, holistic way an approach that works well with my goals and life style, to manage stress and other ailments I am prone to so that I am able to function optimally. I find her to be an outstanding example of the best integrative health care and it is very comforting to know that we have her practicing in our community.

D.B., Golinda TX

Kristen Horner provides a comfortable, non-judgmental, and relaxing atmosphere.  This is my first experience with acupuncture.  It is difficult to express in only a few sentences my profound gratitude to Dr. Horner.  I got my first migraine when I was 19 and now I am 55 years of age.  For the past 5 years migraines had been a part of my weekly existence, lasting 2-3 days each.  Under the care of Dr. Horner I have not had any (not even one!) migraine headaches.  And no hot flashes either!  This has changed my life!  No headaches from the very first treatment – amazing!  I recommend Kristen Horner to anyone who wants to end the cycle of suffering, especially regarding migraines.  Oh yes, and there were important bonuses – no more sinus trouble, no hot flashes, and no night sweats.  Awesome experience!  You have to experience it to really believe the benefits that are waiting.  So if you want to end your suffering I say ‘go for it!

L.C., McGregor TX

As a child my nervous system began its long trek toward becoming more sensitive and more painful. Then about ten years ago when I was in my 40s, the stress of it manifested into depression, severe fibromyalgia, and hypothyroidism. You can imagine all of the symptoms spiraling and becoming chaotic, since most of them have similar effects. I was prescribed one drug after another after another for decades until nothing worked. My world was in upheaval, and I didn’t know where to turn next. A very trusted friend recommended Kristen Horner for acupuncture. Frankly, I had never given it a thought and didn’t know much about it. But, because of my friend’s encouragement, I did some research and tried it. Just after my FIRST session and along with Kristen’s suggestions of  herbal supplements, I felt healthy and clear-minded for the first time in years! I continue to improve (after only a handful of treatments)—I have NO fibromyalgia pain, the depression has seeped away, and my nervous system is on the road to recovery. Kristen is professional, gentle, a caring listener, and is fabulously trained. I would recommend Kristen’s practice to anyone.

H.B., Moody TX

Since 1997, I have had chronic pain in different areas of my body.  I have finally found long-term benefits from a treatment with NO SIDE EFFECTS using acupuncture.  I have used the following therapies for pain relief: massages, biofeedback, relaxation, pain injections, physical therapies, pain medications and exercise before starting acupuncture.  I am also diabetic and I have had 12 major surgeries and 77 day surgeries.  The locations of my pain were: headaches, pressure points, neck, ears, eyes, sleep, joints, feet top and bottom, toes, stress, middle fingers, constipation, skin, diabetic issues, leg cramps,  stomach, liver, two discs in my back, other back issue, shoulders, lymph glands, muscle pain,  urination, fibromyalgia, hot flashes, and pain after breast surgeries.  Using acupuncture Ms. Horner has relieved the above pain areas. Now, we have three chronic areas that she is working on.  I have loads of energy now.  Acupuncture has changed my life!!!

J.B., Hewitt TX

My mother has suffered from crippling migraines for as long as I can remember.  She has tried drug after drug that leave side effects and only weaken the pain at best.  So when I began to have monthly migraines, I knew I had to find someone to treat the cause, not just the symptoms.  Since my treatment by Kristen Horner, my life has turned a complete 180.  Through acupuncture and Chinese herbs, my headaches have weakened and nearly disappeared.  However, the greatest result was completely unexpected.  I have a new natural energy that keeps me excited about life!  I had no idea how much of life I was missing out on before Chinese medicine!

M.C., China Spring TX

What led me to try acupuncture was over a year of chronic knee pain, diagnosed as Iliotibial Band Syndrome. I had done months of physical therapy, gotten two MRI’s, seen two orthopedic surgeons—none of whom were able to figure out the source of my knee pain. Kristen listened to my concerns and helped me understand my body more holistically. She linked my knee pain to other problems I have struggled with, such as chronic constipation and an unexplained absent menstrual cycle. With several weeks of Chinese herbs and acupuncture my digestion is now functioning normally, my period has returned after an absence of 4 years, and my knee has greatly improved and is on it’s way to full recovery. I am very thankful for Kristen’s help and willingness to see me and my body as a whole.

E.V., Waco TX

A pair of doctors, who are my wife’s coworkers, suggested that I try acupuncture to help my rapidly deteriorating arthritis.  A search of local practitioners revealed Ms. Horner.  Shortly thereafter I started treatment.  It was quick, very pleasant, inexpensive, and effective.  The relief that I had not found in traditional western medicine and pain killers for five years was found in a few short acupuncture treatments.  Periodic follow-up has been effective in maintaining my good results.  I am now free of both pain and pain medication.

N.C., Waco TX

Finding you was an answer to prayer. I had nearly exhausted the list of medicines available to treat my rheumatoid arthritis and had almost resigned myself to living a life filled with pain and disability, but now I have hope. I’m having much less joint pain and I have been able to reduce my blood pressure medicine twice.

S.D., Waco TX

We were desperate to find some relief for my 88 year-old mother’s pain from neuropathy and arthritis.  As conventional treatments had failed, luck led us to Kristen Horner.  My mother turned from skeptic to grateful believer very quickly.  Kristen’s acupuncture treatments have eased her pain and given her a positive outlook on life again.  Needless to say, our entire family is happier.

M.W.V., Waco TX

I had been suffering from sciatica for years, with pain that radiated all the way from my low back to my toes. After several weeks of acupuncture, the pain was completely gone. A year later it still hasn’t come back!

D.B., Waco TX

I have suffered from chronic pain for a number of years.  The pain is related to arthritis, fibromyalgia, and herniated discs.  Pain meds and physical therapy failed to control the pain.  My daily activities were very limited.  Then I was diagnosed with cluster headaches and pain meds didn’t help.  Skeptical but desperate, I turned to acupuncture.  After my first couple of visits, which were not nearly as scary as I had imagined, I began to feel good again and the headaches stopped completely.  I continue with acupuncture treatment and continue to improve.  This has really been an unexpected miracle and I encourage anyone with chronic pain to give this a try.

D.W., Waco TX

We have been so fortunate this year.  Our daughter is in so much better health since she has been seeing you.  She started to try to get a little stuffy nose that lead to a cough and she could feel it begin to affect her bronchial tubes so we started her on the Gan Mao Ling (I have no idea if I spelled that right) and she has improved to the point that we are not afraid that she is going to get sick now.  These are such huge improvements over the past.

K.B., mother of 17 year old J.B., Abbot TX

Thank you so much for your help. I have regained full range of motion in my neck and have happily returned to my everyday activities. Not only did acupuncture help to significantly reduce my neck pain, but it also enhanced my range of motion when nothing else could. Thanks to you, I was able to move beyond a state of acute pain to begin the road to full recovery.

R.G., Temple TX

Acupuncture is working for me! I had a wonderfully busy and full five-day holiday weekend and was so very thankful that I felt so good. My energy was great, even with three grandkids and little sleep. And no pain – I outlasted everyone! It is so wonderful.

J.V., Woodway TX

After five years of trying to get pregnant, my husband and I had nothing to lose, so I called Kristen to try acupuncture. Within 3 months of starting treatment I was pregnant! Not only was my body in better condition, but my mind and emotions were, too. I don’t know exactly how it works, but I was amazed that after five years of infertility, including much stress and many expenses at other doctors, within three months using acupuncture with Kristen, I was pregnant. Whatever she did worked and I am so grateful.

A.A., Waco TX

My experience working with Kristen Horner to treat my infertility was very positive as well as beneficial — I truly believe that her treatments helped me get pregnant.  I was very impressed with her vast knowledge of both Eastern and Western medicine, as well as her willingness to integrate both viewpoints and to work with my OB/GYN and his treatment plan.

B.M., Waco TX

After a year and a half of spending our energy on seeking out traditional medical intervention to get pregnant, and not seeing any results, we asked God to show us another way. I had never had acupuncture done before and was a bit nervous. However, after the first session, I knew this was the direction we needed to take. Only after 4 1/2 short months my husband and I were delighted to learn that we were going to have a baby! We are so thankful for you and the wisdom God has given you to help couples achieve a healthy pregnancy.

J.B., Waco TX

After many months of struggling with fertility drugs and depression, I decided to give acupuncture a try and called Kristen on my doctor’s recommendation. Within a few weeks of beginning treatment I felt healthier, slept better, and felt more like myself again. After only a month of working with Kristen, I became pregnant and am now anxiously awaiting the arrival of my first child! Kristen was a tremendous source of support and knowledge for me and I feel extremely fortunate to have met her. I highly recommend her and believe that God has given her an incredible capacity to help others.

N.P., Waco TX

Because of PCOS and endometriosis, I once despaired of ever having a healthy pregnancy.  With the support of my OB/GYN, I found hope in acupuncture and herbal medicine. Kristen’s gentle treatments and extensive understanding of nutrition and wellness were instrumental in my conceiving naturally.  I am deeply thankful to have Kristen as a part of my health care team.

A.G., Waco TX

For years I had felt like I was drowning in phlegm — my chest, my nose, and my sinuses were full of it and I caught every bug that went around.  None of the medications, either prescribed or over the counter, were much help.  My daughter suggested that I give acupuncture a try.  My granddaughter had been treated with much success by Kristen.  I figured if she could do this, I could too.  I am much better now and am so glad I chose to come.  The Chinese herbal medicine is amazing and so effective, without the worry of side effects.  A very big plus in my book!

B.G., Hillsboro TX

For years I struggled with neck and shoulder pain. The chiropractor provided temporary relief, but mostly I just suffered with it. To my amazement, you provided me almost immediate relief with acupuncture. Finally my days were pain free and I could rest comfortably at night! Later, my knees started hurting. Soon I was hobbling around with a cane and a whole lot of pain. Before resorting to medications or surgery, I wanted to give you a chance at it. After four treatments, I put the cane up and got back to my regular activities. Considering the other options, acupuncture is a tremendous blessing – I am so glad this alternative is available to me.

S.P., Meridian TX

No matter how stressed, frustrated, or down I am when I visit you, I always feel encouraged when I leave. I feel blessed to have you in my corner.

W.C., Meridian TX

I have suffered from severe endometriosis for many years, but I noticed improvements in my condition after my first session with Kristen. With ongoing acupuncture and herbal medicine, I have continued to improve and how have the most pain-free periods of my life. I am so happy I no longer have to plan my life around my period!

C.S., Moody TX