Because Chinese herbal medicines are prescribed based on the patient’s pattern of disharmony (as opposed to their symptoms or Western medical diagnosis), they should only be taken at the direction of an expert. In addition, many of the herbal medicines and nutritional supplements that we carry are available only through licensed healthcare providers and we are prohibited by those product manufacturers from selling their products outside an established provider/patient relationship.


  • In order to purchase herbal medicines or supplements from our pharmacy, you must be an established patient and have been seen by Kristen within the previous six months.
  • You will only be allowed to purchase products added to your treatment plan by Kristen.
  • Patient privacy and time considerations prevent Kristen from being available to answer questions, provide instructions, or make adjustments to treatment plans for patients walking in to purchase products. If you have questions about how to take your herbs or supplements, please make reference to the instructions provided in your most recent treatment plan (available in your patient portal). If you have questions or would like to make adjustments to your treatment plan, please schedule a consultation appointment.
  • Products recommended made for you in the past may no longer be appropriate or safe if there has been a change to your health status (including changes to prescription or over the counter medications you are taking, recent or upcoming surgery or other medical procedures, pregnancy or lactation, or a new disease diagnosis). It is your responsibility to advise us of any changes and schedule a consultation if there has been a change in your health status so that your treatment plan and product recommendations can be adjusted.
  • Because some herbal formulas and nutritional supplements are only appropriate for short-term use, we reserve the right to refuse to refill prescriptions for certain products, even if you have been seen within the previous six months.
  • All product sales are final. Liability considerations prevent us from being able to accept returns or exchanges, even if products are unopened.