Payment in full is due at the time of service. We accept cash, checks, major credit cards, and HSA cards*. 

  • Initial consultation (and acupuncture or cupping/gua sha treatment, as appropriate): $100.00
  • Follow-up acupuncture treatment: $75.00
  • Stop smoking package (up to six addiction-focused acupuncture treatments): $390.00
  • Gua sha or cupping (stand alone, no acupuncture): $75.00 (for established patients only — these modalities are not appropriate for everyone, so an initial consultation is required prior to scheduling)
  • Gua sha or cupping (in addition to acupuncture): $35.00
  • SAAT: $200.00 per needle (plus the cost of required consultation)
  • Celluma LED therapy (stand alone, no acupuncture): $75.00
  • Celluma LED therapy (in addition to acupuncture): $35.00
  • Cosmetic acupuncture: $105.00
  • Consultation: $300.00 per hour (billed in 30 minute increments)
  • Returned check fee: $30.00

The cost of herbs and/or supplements, if indicated, is in addition to these fees.

The initial consultation fee of $100 includes sufficient time to discuss medical history and the proposed treatment plan. Patients who want more consultation time (for example for in-depth dietary or lifestyle consultation, therapeutic neuroscience education, advice regarding a complex dietary supplement regimen, etc.) should schedule additional consultation time.

* A 5% surcharge will be added to fees for services paid with credit, debit, or HSA cards.

Do You Take Insurance?

I do not participate in any insurance billing and payment is due on the day of your visit. I maintain this policy for two reasons:

First, the majority of patients in this area do not have insurance that covers acupuncture (at this time Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurance policies do not pay for services provided by licensed acupuncturists). As you are probably aware, billing insurance is a costly and time-consuming endeavor for health care providers. In order to cover the cost of accepting insurance for a small minority of patients I would have to raise my fees for the huge majority of patients who are paying out of pocket. This type of cost shifting is part of the reason that conventional health care has become unsustainably expensive to individuals and employers. Rather than becoming part of this problem, I would like to believe that acupuncture is part of the solution to the current health care crisis (see the excellent documentary Escape Fire: the Fight to Rescue American Health Care for more on this topic).

Second, I pride myself on providing a level of outstanding, personalized care that you will not find elsewhere. Because I do not double book appointments and I am not being pressed by reduced reimbursement from insurance companies to see more patients in less time, rarely will you have to wait for more than a few minutes in my reception room. You will not be rushed through your appointments. I will listen to you and take seriously what you have to say. Treatment plans will be established based on your best interests, as opposed to your insurance company’s bottom line. The only way I can maintain this level of service is by maintaining complete control of my practice and my fees. By contracting with insurance companies I would be giving up that control and all my patients’ care would suffer.

If you have insurance that covers acupuncture or have a flexible medical spending account, monthly superbills are available upon request so that you can seek reimbursement. You are responsible for all aspects of filing your own insurance and/or HSA claims, including verifying that acupuncture services are covered by your insurance and/or HSA. Your responsibility for payment to this office is not contingent upon reimbursement from your insurance company. Fees will not be negotiated or reduced, even if your insurance company’s allowable amount for acupuncture services is less than you have paid. We do not make phone calls to insurance companies, provide records, or provide W-9’s.