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Coronavirus covid-19 Omicron variant. B.1.1.529 mutation virus

I know I promised an email yesterday but we had a busy day in clinic and the day got away from me. Thanks to everyone who called and emailed to let me know that they missed the email — it makes me feel good to know that you are finding these communications valuable.

I figured that a video might be the easiest way to present the material I wanted to share with you today.

One thing to clarify with regard to the tapping demonstration in the video: Please use your own words! Choose a set-up statement that fits with the way you are feeling and then just “vent” out loud about your feelings. There are no “right” words and there really isn’t a “wrong” way to tap. This is a very flexible technique!

Here is the YouTube video I mentioned. Mr. Abel mentions EFT (tapping) around 20:30 and then again at the end of the video but I encourage you to watch the whole thing — Mr. Abel and his wife and quite charming and theirs is a reassuring story that shows that recovery from COVID-19 is possible, even for elderly individuals.

Here are the tapping instructions I mentioned in the video.

And some MUCH NEEDED good news!

My love to you and yours!