In addition to my credentials as an acupuncturist, I also hold a bachelor’s degree in Human Nutrition, as well as a master’s degree in Applied Physiology. I have published research in scientific journals regarding dietary and lifestyle factors related to cardiovascular disease risk. This strong scientific background uniquely qualifies me to offer patients a well-rounded treatment plan that includes dietary and lifestyle coaching.

My philosophy when it comes to diet and exercise is extremely practical. I understand that my patients are busy people with many responsibilities. My goal is to offer each patient a set of simple, easy-to-implement recommendations that will make a big difference in their health, will enhance their ability to heal, and will reduce their risk of disease in the future. I promise not to try to convert you to vegetarianism (in fact, the diet I recommend encourages butter and allows bacon!), force you to give up your morning coffee, or encourage you to take handfuls of nutritional supplements. Instead, together we will identify a few key changes that will make you feel better almost immediately.

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