Over and over again I have seen stubborn cases of chronic pain, digestive disorders, hormonal issues, allergies, headaches/migraines, “invisible illnesses” (such as chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic Lyme disease, chronic Epstein Barr virus, etc.), and many others resolve when systematic, persistent attention is given to underlying mind-body dynamics. This very approach was transformative in my own life.

My own experience led me to dedicate the past ten years to in-depth study of the intersection between the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine and modern pain science and to develop an eight-week online course that is a distillation of everything that I have learned as a result of this study and, more importantly, my own experience of overcoming chronic pain.

This course, called The Meter Method, was nearly finished in March 2020, but then the pandemic came along and all my attention was consumed with the task of keeping my clinic afloat and my family, patients, and self physically and emotionally healthy through all the challenges that the past 18 months have entailed. The course got placed on the back burner and the waitlist of prospective students has continued to grow.

I feel badly about this, but the perfectionist in me has kept me from releasing the course to the wide world in anything other than its absolutely complete form. I have decided, however, to make the material available to my patients as an adjunct to their work with me (either face-to-face in the clinic or via telemedicine). Out of consideration for the fact that the course still has a couple of loose ends and I am currently unable to facilitate the community support aspect of the program, I am offering it at a deeply discounted price of $97.00* ($500 off the regular price).

If you are actively engaged in treatment with me (either face-to-face or via telemedicine) and would like to enroll in the course, please contact the clinic for the discount code you will need in order to enroll. Please note that this discount code is only for the use of current patients and should not be shared with others.

* Note that the discounted course DOES NOT include the cost of the Enneagram test (RHETI). Results from this test are used throughout the course, so students are very strongly urged to take it. The fee for the test (paid to the Enneagram Institute) is $12.00.